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Padi Scuba Diving Professional

Entering the professional world of scuba diving brings exciting challenges and endless possibilities: There is the chance to explore nature's fascinating underwater creatures, and the opportunity to share your professional knowledge and experiences with students who want to learn.
Scuba diving is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. Imagine entering a realm that artists can only imagine in their wildest dreams, and on a daily basis! Getting paid to do something you enjoy is something everyone wants to achieve. Professional divers achieve this goal, and are both respected and admired for their hard work and accomplishments. From owning and operating a mainland dive center or resort, to working, teaching and traveling across the ocean on a live-aboard dive boat, professional divers get to take part in a wide variety of fun and exciting experiences - both on land and under water.
A career with PADI can break you out of a nine-to-five rut, or open the door to adventurous part-time or full-time possibilities.

What do all these people share? They are all diverse individuals who love their jobs. There are endless possibilities and paths are available to take advantage of through PADI, it only takes desire to make it happen. Why not be a role model in your community and get paid for something that you love to do anyway?

As a PADI Member, you are a part of the most successful company in the industry. There are more than 4000 (and growing) PADI Dive Centers and Resorts around the world, and an overwhelming majority of dive operations are PADI Members. At any given time, there are more positions available for PADI leaders that there are dive professionals to fill them. The bottom line is that whatever dive career path you choose, your PADI credentials will get you where you want to go, faster and easier.
Contact us for more information on becoming a PADI professional diver. PADI has the answers, the choice is yours.

Dive Med College has been a 5 Star Gold Palm IDC Center since 2002. Contact us for more info on enrolling and becoming a Scuba Diving Professional.

Click on the following to find out more about each program.

- Divemaster

PADI Divemaster

For those of you looking to join the leaders of the pack, look no further. The Divemaster program is your first step leadership level in the PADI System of diver education.
This rating denotes you as a person who:
1. Has a high level of personal diving skill.
2. Has instructor level knowledge of diving theory.
3. Has had significant training in how to assist an instructor during training activities.
4. Is able to assume appropriate responsibilities that benefit the welfare of other divers.
As you may know, many PADI Divemasters go on to become PADI Instructors. So, the training and experience you gain through the PADI Divemaster program helps shape your abilities and attitude toward becoming a professional level diving educator

- Assistant Instructor

PADI Assistant Instructor

The PADI Assistant Instructor program provides PADI Divemasters, and those certified to leadership levels with other diver training organizations, with additional training as instructional assistants and dive educators.
If you meet the above criteria then this program will build upon your abilities to organize and supervise dive activities, while concentrating on developing teaching skills.
Through independent study, classroom sessions and practical application, candidates learn to construct effective teaching presentations and conduct PADI programs. To help you through the program, PADI has developed an array of learning tools such as the PADI Assistant Instructor Workbook.

To qualify for PADI Assistant Instructor training, you'll need to:
1. Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or leadership level with another recreational diver training organization.
2.Be at least 18 years old.
3.Be in good physical condition for diving and submit a medical exam form signed by a physician.
4.Have been a certified diver for at least six months and have completed and logged at least 60 open water dives with experience in night, deep and naviga

- Padi Instructor (IDC,IOC,IE)


The PADI Instructor Development Program prepares you to function as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. In addition, it further develops your leadership and teaching abilities to the instructor level and prepares you to teach PADI programs.

To qualify for the PADI Instructor Development program, you must:

1.Be certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor or a PADI Divemaster, or as an instructor with another recreational diver training organization.
2.Be at least 18 years old.
3.Be fit for diving and submit a medical form signed by a physician.
4.Have been a certified diver for at least six months and logged at least 60 open water dives with experience in night, deep and navigation prior to beginning the Instructor Development Program, and have been a certified diver for at least 6 months and logged at least 100 dives prior to entering the Instructor Examination.
5.Submit proof of CPR training within 24 months.

During the PADI Instructor Development program, youll learn the PADI System of diver education, standards and procedures, effective academic teaching presentations, teaching in confined water, conducting open water training dives and additional related topics. Youll learn these topics one of two ways; through the PADI Instructor Development Program (IDC) or the PADI Instructor Orientation Program (IOC)

(Note: the IOC is an option available only if youre an instructor that is current with another certification organization and wish to become a PADI Instructor.)

After successful completion of the IDC or IOC, you must successfully complete the PADI Instructor Examination (IE). You will be evaluated on; dive theory, academic teaching, confined-water (pool) teaching, open-water teaching and general diving skills and professionalism.
As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you can conduct the entire range of PADI experience programs and PADI diver programs, from Open Water Diver through Divemaster (except for specialties and Emergency First Response Instructor, which require specific Specialty Diver Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor ratings).

This year the start date for the IDC / IOC will be on the 21 September. For more information and prices for this program please contact us

Padi Specialty Instructor

PADI Specialty Instructor

PADI Specialty Instructors have the best of both worlds. Not only have they earned the qualifications to conduct main stream dive programs such as the PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced, Rescue Diver and Divemaster programs, they can also conduct PADI Specialty Diver programs. These programs help divers to hone their skills in specific area or facets of diving such as wreck, night and deep diving.

PADI has a variety of standardized specialty diver programs that you may conduct once you have earned PADI Specialty Instructors rating in that specific area. These each program is supported by outlines and a variety of other student learning materials. In addition to the standardized specialty programs, as a PADI Assistant Instructor or higher you may write your own distinctive specialty programs, which may be conducted once approved by PADI.
If you're already a PADI Assistant Instructor or higher and want to qualify as a PADI Specialty Instructor, you'll need to attend a Specialty Instructor Training Program (conducted by a PADI Course Director) or apply directly to PADI.

During the Specialty Instructor Training Program you'll receive valuable hands-on training, technique demonstrations, program marketing information, current PADI Standards information and, when applicable, instructor-level open water training. To enroll in a Specialty Instructor Training Program, you must be a renewed PADI Assistant Instructor (certified/upgraded using the 1995 revised curriculum), a renewed PADI Underwater Instructor (or PADI Instructor with a higher rating) or have completed an IDC/IOC** within the past 12 months.

Here's your chance to teach the coolest dive programs

Padi I D C Staff Instructor

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

The PADI IDC Staff Instructor program is designed to provide you (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers) with the additional training necessary to staff PADI Instructor Development programs. This program builds upon your experience and abilities as a dive educator while concentrating on developing evaluation and counseling skills. Through independent study, classroom sessions, guided evaluation training and an internship, you'll learn to teach the PADI Assistant Instructor program and assist with instructor development programs.

As a PADI IDC Staff Instructors you'll be qualified to:

1.Independently teach and certify PADI Assistant Instructors.
2. Conduct specific IDC/IOC training segments under direct supervision of a PADI Course Director.
3. Evaluate, critique and counsel IDC/IOC candidates.
4. Assist with instructor level continuing education programs.

To enter into the PADI IDC Staff Instructor program, you'll need to be a current PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Emergency First Response Instructor


Emergency First Response Instructor

Emergency First Response Corp., a PADI corporate affiliate, offers the Emergency First Response CPR and first aid program.

What can I do?
As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you can conduct Emergency First Response Primary (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid) courses.
What do I need to start?
At least PADI Divemaster certification
Emergency First Response certification or qualifying certification from another certification organization

What will I do?
Youll learn how to conduct the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (first aid) courses. Youll also learn to conduct the recommended Automated External Defibrillator (AED), emergency oxygen and conscious choking management skills.

How long will it take?
The Emergency First Response Instructor Course takes approximately eight hours.
The start date for the Emergency First Response Instructor Course will be on September 21st. For more information and prices please contact us.


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