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    The Aquarium of Rhodes

Historical Notes
The Station was founded in the period 1934 - 1936 at the northernmost tip of the island and the town of Rhodes, while the Dodecanese Islands were under foreign occupation. Initiating its activities in 1937 as the
"Reale Instituto di Ricerche Biologiche di Rodi",
the Station was handed to the Athens Academy right after the liberation of Dodecanese Islands and their reunion with Greece, in 1945, to operate as a peripheral station of the Greek Hydrobiological Institute.
Hosting an Aquarium and a Museum, the Station has been operating since 1963 - under the name: "Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes"- as a research unit and department of the National Centre for Marine Research (N.C.M.R.); the latter is conducting a wide range of research activities in oceanography, fisheries and inland waters through its corresponding Institutes.


The aquarium

The Aquarium, is located in the Station's basement and hosts - in its 40 tanks of 80,000 litres total capacity - a multicoloured population of interesting Mediterranean invertebrate and vertebrate marine species such as sea anemones and plants, urchins, algae, corals, bivalves, lobsters, octopuses, numerous fish, sea turtles etc. Unique in its layout and natural decoration the only public Aquarium in Greece gives to its visitors the impression that they share the same environment with the hosted species.


The excellent physical, chemical and biological parameters of the marine environment in the area along with the literally natural living conditions which are provided for the hosted species are in favour for the effort of introducing and managing species that require special treatment if to be hosted in an Aquarium.
Such kind of marine organisms are the chondrichthyes, representative species of which are planned to be studied and exhibited in the new tank - of 300,000 litres capacity

The Museum

Taxidermal sea-mammals, large fish and other Mediterranean marine organisms in addition to a collection of oceanographic instruments are exhibited in the Museum


The scientific staff of the Station collaborates with colleagues from other institutions, research centres and environmental organisations. Experiences and know-how practices are exchanged concerning the improvement of the Station's facilities, the preservation projects for endangered species (monk seal, dolphins and sea turtles) and the research, educational and monitoring projects...

The Aquarium situeted in Rhodes town next to Kazino of Rhodes  in Greece




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