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Please arrive at the terminal at least 20 minutes prior to your departure time. For busy flights 30-45 minutes is recommended

Payment Methods - We are happy to accept a wide range of credit and debit cards for your booking.We can accept   Visa Credit, Mastercard. Please note that we charge a surcharge for payments by credit card - since we are committed to offering as low a fare to as many customers as possible, we have to pass on the extra costs incurred by us to customers who wish to pay by credit card (+2%)

Food & Beverage - Due to the short flying time between our destinations, we are unable to offer a catering service on our routes. Passengers may carry approved beverage containers for personal consumption and small packaged food products subject to inspection by boarding personnel

Special Requests - We are always happy to try and accommodate your special requests. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible clearly, there are many services that we cannot arrange on the spot when you arrive at the port that we could arrange with a few days notice

Wheelchair Assistance - AirSea Lines will never charge for the carriage of a wheelchair. We are delighted to carry wheelchairs for our passengers, subject only to limitations of space aboard. Please contact our call centre when you make your booking to arrange this. If you wish to bring your powered wheelchair, we must ask that the battery is sealed and disconnected for the duration of the flight. If you need just a little extra help getting on and off our aircraft, or a wheelchair at the port, please contact us, and we'd be delighted to help

Under no circumstances will AirSea Lines carry firearms either on board or as checked baggage

We may, if in our or our handling agent or airport security opinion, remove other items not listed above that we consider may be a danger to other passengers or crew members

Lost Luggage - In the unlikely event that your checked in baggage is lost, damaged or stolen whilst in the care of AirSea Lines or one of our ground handling agents, this should be immediately reported to the ground handling staff upon arrival at the destination. You must ensure that a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) is completed before you leave the port of arrival. AirSea Lines makes every effort to locate lost bags, but has no responsibility if the bugs are finally lost or if there is any damage. Most delayed bags are located within 48 hours and returned as soon as possible



NOTE : Reservaton and Ticketing must done on same time




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