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Kalymnos  island

Sea your dreams come true by taking a cruise to the Greek Islands

  Kalymnos .Situated between Kos and Leros rises the fourth largest island in the Dodecanese- Kalymnos. Surrounded by other smaller islets- of which, however, only Pserimos and Tenedos are inhabited-Kalymnos adorns the Northern part of the Dodecanese islands with its mountainous  landscape. One can find a great variety of herbs such as thyme ,sage, thimble and oregano ,while exploring the Kalymnian honey. The island has to display a number of fertile valleys .'Vathi' being the most famous .It is full of citrus orchards for local consumption and export. Kalymnos is the best known as the island of some of the world's finest sponge divers. The sea has always been a focal element in the local life, which has preserved its traditional character co lour and style to a great extent . Its picturesque landscapes, its clear blue seas and the hospitality of the locals are just a small sample of what the island can generously offer its visitors .The latter have the unique chance of going island - hopping to the various nearby islands .Such day- trips to  places like Patmos ,Lipsi ,Astipalea,Leros,Kos and Nisyros are made possible by the island's geographical location.


    Have you seen the isle where the fig tree blossoms .where the grarled olive  three spreads its silvery leaves ? Have you beheld the daughter of the Sun and the Sea. the mother of the sponge? She who conceives young lions, breeds giants and the ings of the Main?T' is Kalymnos you have seen ,one of the Twelve Islands.''   



HISTORIAN REVIEW   There have been few archaeological findings to shed light on who the first inhabitants of the island of Kalymnos were . At about the 2nd Millennium BC Kalymnos was conquered and colonized by the Phoenicians . Evidence of the island's prosperity during those prehistoric times are the ruins at Emporio and Vathi  on the East side of the  island . Later we find Kalymnos under the yoke of different conquerors: the Persians ,the Venetians ,the Genoese, the Knights of the Order of Saint John ,the Turks ,and the Italians from 1912 until nearly the end of the 2nd World War .Kalymnos was finally liberated on March 31 1947 and was incorporated along with the rest of the Dodecanese Islands into the Greek Nation in 1948.

       SIGHT SEEING        Hora was once the capital town of Kalymnos in the center of the island .Above the town stands big fortress of  a Byzantine construction, built 300 m above sea level . It comprises ruins of houses and cisterns and 9 churches ,two of which are renowned for their frescos. The view from the fortress is one of the most beautiful .Below you spreads  the valley of   Pothia and the  gleaming sea and the island of Kos in the distance. Not far from Hora stands the Temple of the  Hellenistic period, built in Doric style. Parts of this ancient temple were used to by Saint Helen or by the Byzantine Emperor Arcadius. There are many other sites of interest; among them the fortress  of Kastelli just past the resort of Massouri, the picturesque island of Telendos ,where the ruined Byzantine fortress of St Constantine is situated and the gigantic Neolithic fort of Emporio .On the other side of the island in Vathi, within Hellenistic walls stand the ruins  of a Paleo-Christian basilica .Also worth visiting are the tombs at Damos ,the church of Saint John in Argos and many others .Local sponge factories will undoubtfully brief you on the sponge fishing and processing methods which are known to be friendly to the environment.                                                            

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