RHODES Island  Greece History of Rhodos

By Teo Boyianos

The histoty of  Rhodes and the Rhodians,mist over the  Centauries. The Rodians ,Greeks in origin and in creative spirit,exalted  their civilization to it's zenith,talking about other peoples, long long before they did..

           A thousand years Before  Christ ,the  Greeks of Ionia and all Asia Minor ,founded  the createst civilization in the undoubtebly Greek Aegean sea and the Miditerranean sea.



  Behold in a few simple words ,precisely dated ,the innsuperable history of Rhodos  and it's Greek Rhodian inhabitants,from 1500 B.C. until today

  • 1500 B.C. The Mycenanean Greeks conquer the island ,starting from  Argos ,Peleponese,crable of purely Greek people.

  • 1100 B.C. The Rhodians Greeks under the mythical ancestor Tlepolemos,Settled in Rhodes.They established three malor cities-states: IALYSSOS, LINDOS, and KAMIROS. Those three  states  over our  the island ,have been constantly revealing, yesterday and today,trought three thousand years,and Greek creation over our blessed island

  •  700 B.C.Those three commercial and maritime,both Greek and civilized cities, founded the Doric Exapolis,which was the first E.E.C. withn Europian boundaries.

  • 650 B.C. In  Lindos.,Cleovoulos,one of the Seven Wise Men of ancient Greece ,is born

  • 600 B.C. The Lindians creted colonies in the Mediterranean sea and the Aegean, illuminating it with the Greek light and the Greek Thinking and Creation.

  • 491 B.C. The Percians conquered the island of Rhodes but not Lindos and her well know Acropolis.protected by Lindian Athena

  • 480 B.C. Rhodian soldiers participated with 40 ships in the Batlle of Salamina.Greece is saved again from it's enemies thus contimuing it;s God-pleasing civilizing work.

  • 479 B.C. The Rhodians accede to the Athenian alliance,in this way all the Greeks united the miracle of the so-called classical Greece and the triumph of Greek Art ,Philosophy,Satuary Sculpture and pottery

  • 464 B.C.The Ialyssian athlete Diagoras, wins a glorious victory and Pindar,the poet,dedicates a poem to his honour, inscribed with  golden letters and placed inside the temple of Lindian Athena.

  • 408 B.C.The people of Ialyssos,Camiros and Lindos founded one single city:RHODES,where all administration was established.

  • 305 B.C.Demetrius besieged Rhodes and Failed.

  • 293 B.C.The Collossus of Rhodes is being erected,one of the 7 Wonders of the Word

  • 227 B.C.A terrible earthquake destroyed the city of Rodos and the Collosus

  • 42 B.C. The Roman Casius destroyed the island and the city

      Year one : Christ was born while Rhodes was under Roman sovereignty.     


  • 807 A.D. The Selttzouks, a nomadic and warlike people,invaded  against the inhabitants of Rhodes.New suffererings, battles,flights for Greeks and Hellenism.

  • 1191 A.D. Ritcard Lionheart, King of England,  invaded Rhodes,snatched goods, animals and money and recruted Rhodian sailors.

  • 1204 A.D. That was the time of the 4th crusade. The crusadors,besieged and took the island by force.New lamentations,new battles,for the land to remain Greek and for the people to remain defandor of Peace and Hellinism.

  • 1161 A.D. Rhodes was typically re-established under the jurisdiction of the Byzantium

  • 1309 A.D. The land owner of our city and our island Viniolo Viinioli ,sold Rhodes and the Rhodians to the Knights of Saint John of JERUSALEM.

  • 1522 A.D. The Knights left. Rhodes and the Agarene Muslims settled on the island, in the city and the houses of the Greek orthodox people.

  • 1912 A.D. The Agarenes left and the Italians came  until 1943

  • 1943 A.D. The Italians lost power over the Dodecanese and the Germans ruled over the people and the land

  • 1945 A.D. The Grmans gave the Dodecanese, over the Allies.

  • 1947 A.D. Rhodes and the Dodecanese were freed and the people  celebrated the victory of Greece and the  Hellenic Civilization.

  • 1948 A.D. Rhodes and the Dodecanese ,constitute the zewel of Europe and the cornerstone of European and WORRLD  CIVILIZATION.

Aegean,Rhodes and Dodecanese: Greece 3000 years.


     History has spoken and the historians have recarded many people and events of Rhodes and our peopleand events of Rhodes and our people for 3000m continuous years in the space of Aegean and the Mediteranean.

        Let us see briefly, in precise dates ,who are the people and which are the events tha have affected the people and our land  during the last two thousand years.

  • YEAR OF LORD 155  A Terrible earthquake levelled to the ground the city of the Rhodians,whch was the big and strong ,beautiful and poweful,with thousands of buildings, temples ,naval stations,markets,a rectorship,statiums and theatres.

  • 270 A.D. The Goths, a nomadic  and sanguinary people ,invades the land against the Rhodians with the Roman Province of the Islands.

  • 515 A.D. New enemies,the Percians, with Horsoe, invaded the island of the Greeks and looted Whatever they found  during their  passage.

  • 653 A.D. The Araps, conquered Rhodes and plundred the  colossus of Rhodes, melted it and turned it into arms for the sodiers


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