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Restaurants of Rhodes Dodecanese  islands  Greece

Tavernas  of Psinthos Village of RHODOS




1  Artemida Taverna

 22410 50095

 Psinthos -Rhodos
2  Markou George taverna  2241050222  Psinthos -Rhodes
3  Fasouli pigi  2241050071  Psinthos -Rhodes
4  Platia restaurant  2241050130  Psinthos -Rhodes
5  To Smaragdi taverna  2241050166  Psinthos -Rodos
6  Stolidi of Psinfos  2241050009   Psinthos -Rodos
7 12 Adelfia taverna  2241050153   Psinthos -Rodos


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Carnival in Psinfos 2004
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