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Greek recipes

Village cooking
   You will probably not find any of these foods in your favorite Greek Restaurants.  Many of these are recipes in other cookbooks, nor will you find duplicates here, as these are well kept secrets of Mediterranean Island life.


 Greek superstitions

Legends &Traditions
   It would seem that some of our traditions tend to baffle the visitors to Greece and I must admit that even I find them to be a bit strange at times.




Greek Drinks


    Here you will find the most wildest long drinks and sexiest cocktails that you will not find elsewhere and will guarantee you a hot evening with your partner. The secret is to drink one type of cocktail a night.



Kitchen Techniques

of Greek island Cooking
    Since Greek cooking relies on the freshest ingredients possible, ever.yone should know how to pluck a chicken or clean fresh caught squid.  You'll also find an array of tips and shortcuts to simplify your time in the kitchen


       Kalithies Village

Rhodes Dodecanece  Islands



Conversions Charts

and Greek Translations
n this section you will find handy charts for converting imperial and metric measurements as well as English translations for many ingredients used in Greek Cooking.

There is something about cooking the village way that gives our recipes their
uniqueness & a true taste of the Mediterranean Island cooking and life style.

The phrase "Greek Cooking", I've heard before, and have seen many cookbooks around about "Cooking the Greek
way". Being a Greek American, I have grown up with the tastes and concepts of the Greek Kitchen. Yet, It wasn't
until I moved to the Island of Rhodes that I realized that authentic Greek cooking was hard to find and  that I had
never really cooked Greek food, until now.
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