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A Medley of Ethnic Recipes, Folklore, and Village Traditions


About  the Book

   A delightful feast of foods, folklore and “old ways” customs.  Greek
Generations: A Medley of Ethnic Recipes, Folklore and Village
is a buffet for the senses. The palate will sing with the
foods produced from this collection of over 400 of the most
requested traditional Greek recipes.

      Written in a casual manner with easy-to-read instructions, adults as
well as children can enjoy the delicious results of Greek cooking,
simply and easily. Much more than just a cookbook, this unique
compilation combines "Grandmom’s tall tales" with treasured family recipes that have been handed down from mother to daughter through
the generations. Filled with accounts of ancestral superstitions,
legends, and amusing bits of lore told by simple village folk, this
collection will prove to be a book to turn to time and time again.” 


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