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Greek Recipes

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Meat Main Dishes
If your thing is a generous slice of Roasted Pork or Lamb Leg, this is the place for you. A variety of recipes for Grills, Roasts and Bakes of your favourite cuts await you.


Appetizers & Salads Poultry Main Dishes
Drink in Greece, may it be Ouzo, Raki, Souma or Retsina, is traditionally served with something to nibble on. Good friends, a chilled bottle of ouzo, some good food, & you have captured the
essence of Island life.

Greek cuisine has a wide variety of dishes for the favourite chicken. Olive oil, herbs, spices & different combinations of ingredients & cooking methods, make for a distinctively traditional way of preparing poultry.
Soups & Stews Sea Food Main Dishes
These are not to be thought of as "light" fare. A Greek soup or stew can be very hearty indeed, with quite an array of ingredients, spices and herbs to give it added flavor.

There is such a delicious variety to Greek Sea Food that you just have to try some of these recipes. After all, Greece is famous for her Seas.
Vegetable Main Dishes Breads, Pastries & Desserts
These dishes are great for when you don't feel like having meat. Hey, I'm a meat & potatoes gal & even I have days I prefer this stuff over steak. As for all of you vegetarians out there, take a peek. You'd be surprised at how much Greek cuisine has to offer you.
Village recipes for unique breads, & traditional Greek desserts for those of us who would rather skip the main course and get right down to business.
Sauces, Marinades & Dressings Preserves & Pickling
The finishing touches to many Greek foods and all the more reason to have lots of fresh Greek bread and pites handy for dipping. Your favorite fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed all through the year, preserving the tastes of the seasons, the Greek way.
Beverages & Bottling Greek Bread
From Greek coffee to homemade Liqueurs, these special recipes can be shared by two or by a crowd.
Make one of many Greek Breads and try them with your Greek Food you have cook up.


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