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  Greek Recipes

Appetizers & Salads / Mezedes


Batterfried Broccoli & Cauliflower / Tiganito Brokoli & Kounoupidi
Beets in Garlic Sauce / Patzaria Skordalia

Charcoal Grilled Otopus  Oktapodi sta Karbouva
Cheese Pie / Tiropita

Feta & Hot Pepper Dip / Ktipiti
Fried Cheese / Sahanaki
Fried Pumpkin / Kolokitha Tiganiti

Greek Meat Balls / Keftedes
Greek Village Salad / Horiatiki Salata
Herring Salad / Renkosalata

Island Potato Salad / Patatosalata Brasti

Lettuce and Radish Salad / Marouli me Rapanakia Salata
Lettuce Salad / Maroulosalata
Lima Bean Salad / Gigantes Salata

Octopus in Wine / Oktapodi Krasato
Orzo in Tomato Sauce / Kritharaki

Onion Fritters / Kremidokeftedes

Poor Man's Cabbage Salad / Lahanosalata

"Ragged" Cheese Pie / Patsavoura Tiropita
Roasted Eggplant Salad / Melintzanosalata

Russian Salad / Rosiki Salata

Spinach Pie / Spanakopita

Tarama ,Roe, Salad / Taramosalata
Tomato Balls / Tomatokeftedes

 Imagine yourself relaxing beachfront in a quaint little Taverna, listening to the sound of the waves gently breaking on the white sandy beach. 

Sitting with you are a half dozen or so friends, new and old, whose company and conversation you enjoy.

A plump little man comes towards you, balancing a handful of small glasses and a carafe of chilled home made Ouzo. Following close behind are his sons with trays of food.

A warm breeze blows and you take a deep breath as the aroma of his wife's cooking invades your senses. Your mouth begins to water when you see the plates of food, an assortment of dishes, all different.... The Mezedes are here.

Great little daydream isn't it ? Yet, for many Greeks, this celebration of life is a reality of Island life in Greece. To the Greeks an appetizer isn't just something before a meal, nor is a salad just a bowl of assorted vegetables with topping. The Greeks do not necessarily separate the two. There are fantastic appetizers which qualify as salads, and vice versa. And it is not uncommon to make a meal out of an assortment of Mezedes.

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