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Greek Coffee is made in whatís called a ĎBrikiíand can be found in Greek specialty shops.
Itís a
wide bottomed brass pot that tapers towards the top with a long handle.  The narrow top - or neck, is as far as you should fill it with water & coffee.
The area above the neck is needed for the foam that will cook and bubble up



Greek Coffee 

Using your serving cups, measure out 2/3 cups of water per serving.  Remember that the maximum amount for filling a Briki is to the neck, so if it doesn't hold it, just make another batch for more servings.

Stir in the appropriate amount of coffee and sugar.  Place on high heat, stirring occasionally and let the coffee foam up to the top.  Remove from the heat and stir it down.  Again, reheat it and let the foam form. Donít boil it.   You canít walk away when making Greek coffee as it will foam up very fast and run over, so keep an eye on it. 

The foam thatís on top should be in every Greek coffee, so pour a little into each cup and then finish off with the rest of it so there is foam in every serving.

Quantities:  The general rule is 1 heaping teaspoon of Greek coffee and 1 tsp. sugar per demitasse cup.  This will make a ĎMetriosí or Medium sweet coffee.   But since there are different strokes for different folks.... youíll find some of the more common variations below.

Black plain coffee                      Sketos                        1 heaping tsp. coffee

Medium sweet coffee                Metrios                        1 heaping tsp. coffee & 1 tsp. sugar

Sweet Coffee                            Glykos                         1 heaping tsp. coffee & 2 tsp. sugar

Strong and sweet                      Varis Glykos               1 1/2 heaping tsp. coffee & 2 tsp. sugar



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