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 Baked Pork with Lima Beans / Hoirino me Gigantes

Beef with Orzo Macaroni / Moshari Yiouvetsi

Beef Stew with Peas / Moshari me Mbizellia

Charcoal Lamb Chops / Arnaki Sta Karvouna

Easter Lamb on a Spit / Arni Souvlas

Easter Stuffed Lamb / Lambriatiko Arni Gemisto

Goat Herder's Pie / Pastitsio me Poure

Greek Meatballs / Keftedes
Greek Beef Soup / Kreas Me Kritharaki Soupa
Greek Hamburgers / Mpifteki
Lamb with Lettuce Fricassee/ Arni Frikase
Lamb In Paper - Kleftiko Style / Arni Kleftiko  se Harti
Mince Rolls from Smyrni / Souzoukakia Smyrneika

Meat Pie / Kreatopita  
Pit Roasted Goat / Katsikaki Souvla
Roasted Leg of Lamb / Arni tou Fournou
Roasted Pig’s Head / Kefali Gourouniou Psito

Stuffed Grape Leaves / Dolmades
Stewed Beef with Potatoes/ Moshari me Patates Giahni
Stuffed Goat with Rice / Katsiki Kapama

In years gone by, meat was hard to come by for the common village folk. 

Since Greece does not have abundant grazing lands, cattle had to be imported. So, the more popular, Beef and Lamb had always been hard to get or considered expensive. 

A slaughtered Lamb was meant for an Easter or Wedding Feast!  Game meats, however
 were very popular. 

Hare, Wild Boar & Wild Mountain Goat (Kid), all found their places on the tables of the
 Greek village homes.}

Nowadays, the Greeks mostly use Lamb, Beef and Pork. Hunting is still a popular sport in Greece, especially in the mountainous villages, but in these days of ecological upheaval, the "catch" has become extremely rare. 

Even here in Rhodes, we order our Wild Mountain Goat (Kid) from the butcher who gets
 it from farms that raise the animals.


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