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Pastries and Desserts

Apricots and Cream / Hrisolmila Poltos

Almond - Brandy Cake / Amygdalopita   


Easter Cookies / Koulourakia Pascalina

Ekmek Kataifi

Fried Dough Balls / Loukoumades

Island Cheese and Honey Pie / Melopita Nissiotiki

Lemon Cake / Lemonopita

Milk Custard Pie / Galaktombouriko

Ouzo-Coconut Cake / Revani Me Ouzo kai Karyda


Rice Pudding / Rizogalon

Sesame Honey Bars / Melekouni
St. Fanourios Cake / Fanouropita
Stuffed Melon / Piponaki Gemisto
Sweet Easter Bread / Tsoureki

Walnut Cake / Karithopita

Dessert has always been my favorite part of the meal. Chances are, you will find a different philosophy to the Greek bakery like I did. 

The Greeks do not rely on heavy creams and butters like western recipes. But don’t get me wrong. 

There are Greek desserts as rich as the best of all Cheese cakes. Greek recipes use lots of fruits, both fresh and dried, and nuts of all kinds to make delectable combinations. 

Oh, and don’t forget the abundance of fresh fruits that are carefully made into "spoon sweets" that are to be served with coffee, when company calls.

Yummy !!

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