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Stuffed Melon  "Piponaki Gemisto"

Cantaloupes and Honeydew melons are available throughout the summer months here on the islands. This recipe is not only a 'dress me up' for plain fruit, but makes a beautiful presentation as well.


1 whole melon - cantaloupe or honey dew  
1 package Jell-O - your choice of flavor  
Assorted chopped fruits or drained, canned fruit cocktail  

Wash the melon well under cold running water. Carefully, cut off one end - just enough so you can de-seed it using a spoon.

In a small bowl, make the gelatin as per package instructions. Stuff the melon with the fruits and pour the gelatin into the cavity and put the 'lid' back on. If you need help keeping it upright, set it in a bowl and stuff kitchen towels around it. Refrigerate overnight.

To serve the melon, just slice it crosswise into rounds. The Jell-O center will be a pretty contrast to the fresh fruit.

Susie's Note: This is an easy summer dessert that is light and kids love as a snack too. If you like, top off the servings with a dollop of sweetened fresh whipped cream.

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