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Poultry Entrees

Baked Chicken with Vegetables / Ornitha tou Fournou

Chicken Egg Lemon Soup/ Soupa Avgolemono
Chicken Lemonato / Kotopoulo Lemonato
Chicken Shish Kabobs / Kotopoulo Souvlaki

Duck with Olive Stuffing / Papies me Elies -

Herbed Chicken Breasts / Kotopoulo Riganato

Island Chicken with Orzo / Kotopoulo me Kritharaki

Stewed Chicken and Macaroni/ Kotopoulo Me Makaronia
Stuffed Partridges / Perdikes Ghemistes

Stuffed Pigeon / Peristeria Gemista

Turkey with Potatoes & Onions / Galopoula me Patates Stifado

Turkey Pie / Galopita   

Greece has all kinds of poultry, domestic and wild. Whether it be Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, Duck or just plain old Chicken, Greeks cook it. 

My mother-in-law slaughters her own chickens. Her home, as most village houses, has a "Kotetsi" - a small chicken shed in the back yard where her chickens lay fresh eggs every day. When a chicken gets to a certain age and stops laying eggs, she's considered dinner (glad I'm not a chicken!), Boy, Let me tell you, you would not believe the difference a "fresh" chicken has over a frozen one. 

Some of my friends debate that it's also the type of feed that is given to these birds - a lot of table scraps, leftovers, vegetable peels, anything edible.

Greek villagers waste nothing. What ever the reason, the difference is most delicious and definitely worth asking your butcher if he can get you fresh chickens.

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