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Sea Food Entrees

Baked Grouper / Orfos sto Fourno 

Charcoal Grilled Octopus / Oktapodi sta Karbouva 

Fish in Rosemary & Garlic / Psaria Skorthalia Me Dendrolivano
Fried Squid / Kalamari Tiganito
Fried Whitebait / Marides Tiganites

Greek Bouillabaisse / Kakavia 

Island Fish Soup / Psarosoupa 
Jack's Tuna Sauce / Iakoumis Saltsa me Tono

Mussels and Feta / Midia kai Feta
Mussels with Rice / Midia Pilafi

Octopus in Wine / Oktapodi Krasato
Octopus with Macaroni / Oktapodi me Macaronaki

Salt Cod with Garlic Sauce / Bakalieros Skordalia
Shrimp Sahanaki / Garithes Sahanaki
Shrimp with Rice / Garides Pilafi
Stewed Cuttlefish / Soupies Giahni
Swordfish Kebabs / Xifias Souvlaki 

Greece has a delicious variety of fish and seafood, an amazing assortment of delights 
taken fresh from the depths of the Greek Seas.

 I know I was put off for a long time by some seafood. Growing up in a Western culture just automatically made eating something like Octopus a thing to cringe at. 

Some of the seafood you might have never tried nor wanted to, but why not just go for it?

You may be surprised, like I was, at how truly good it is.


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