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Salt Cod with Garlic Sauce / Bakalieros Skordalia


This is another village favorite. It dates back to days of old when refrigeration was non-existent and salt was used as a preservative. Though we live in modern times, it is still enjoyed quite often and you will find it on any Greek restaurant menu.


1 lb. Salt Cod Pinch of salt
1 cup flour Pepper
1 cup water or beer Olive oil
1 egg Garlic Sauce - Skordalia

Cut the cod into pieces about 2 inches square. Place it in a bowl of water and let it set at least overnight, changing the water a couple of times to get rid of the salt. For a less salty version, two nights are better.

Wash the cod under running water. Remove any loose bones or skin and set it in a strainer to drain. In a bowl, mix the flour, water, egg, pepper and just a pinch of salt until it is a smooth batter.

Heat an inch of oil in a large skillet. Dip the cod pieces into the batter and fry on both sides until they are golden brown.

Make the garlic sauce and serve as an accompaniment.

Susies Note: Salt cod is great when served with a village salad and fried potatoes. But make sure that everyone at least tastes the Skordalia or else theyll have to put up with the diners garlic breat

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