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Fried Squid / Kalamari Tiganito

Many of our guests have asked how this particular dish is prepared.
I never thought that I would eat the things, but in all honesty, this is a delicious delicacy enjoyed all through the Mediterranean.



2 lbs. Squid (see Susie's Note), drained salt and pepper
1 cup flour Olive oil for frying

In a deep skillet, heat about an inch of oil.  In a shallow dish, mix flour with some salt and pepper - not too much salt as the squid is already salty from the sea. Toss the squid pieces with the flour mixture, and tap lightly to remove any excess. Gently drop into the heated oil, and fry until golden brown. It doesn't take long.  Remove and drain on paper towels. 

This dish is traditionally served with a Greek Salad, Fried potatoes and lots of Tzatziki.   Fresh squeezed lemon on the Kalamari gives it extra zing.

Susie's Note:  You can purchase frozen squid that has already been cleaned and cut up into rings.  If you are using fresh squid, you must remove the skin and the thin cartilage that is the spine, and all the insides including the eyes. It does get messy, but you will be left with very clean, white, rubber like, fleshy meat that you will cut up into thin rings. Every part of this meat is edible, including the legs.


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