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Fried Whitebait "Marides Tiganites"

This is what my best friend affectionately calls "Greek French Fries".



1 kilo of small to medium sized whitebait Olive oil for frying
1 cup flour lemons
salt & pepper  

Wash the whitebait and let them drain.  Do not gut them nor remove the heads. I know, sounds weird, but trust me, these are good! In a deep skillet, heat the oil - it has to get really hot.  Put the flour in a bowl and season with some salt and pepper.  Coat the whitebait with flour, shake them a little to remove any surplus and fry.  When they brown, they're ready. 

Serve them with lemon juice squeezed over them.  To eat them, just pop the whole thing in your mouth!  

Susie's Note:  I'm not much of a "Fish Fan" but I have to admit that these are really tasty.  And I have also found that the smaller the whitebait, the better because they get really crispy.



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