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  Greek Recipes

Soups & Stews


Beef Stew with Peas / Moshari me Mbizellia

Chicken Egg Lemon Soup / Soupa Avgolemono

Greek Bouillabaisse / Kakavia 
Greek Beef Soup / Kreas Me Kritharaki Soupa
Greek Chilli / Revithia
Greek Green Beans / Fasolakia Giahnista

Island Fish Soup / Psarosoupa 

Lamb with Lettuce Fricassee/ Arni Frikase

Lentils / Fakes

Okra with Potatoes / Mbamies me Patates

Spinach and Lentil Soup / Spanaki me Faki
Stewed Beef with Potatoes / Moshari me Patates Giahni
Stewed Chicken and Macaroni / Kotopoulo Me Makaronia

Traditional Easter Soup / Mageiritsa

Greek Soups and Stews can be a very filling warm up for those cold winter days.

Keep in mind though, that there are great recipes for the warmer months as well.

Terrific stew pots that are wonderful for those hot summer nights. Personally, I find that 
these one pot meal recipes are a great convenience
for the working mother or father.

Just stick it all in a pot and let it cook while you do something else. These dishes are a
great meal by themselves or with an accompaniment
of fresh bread, feta cheese & olives.

Oh, and don't forget a nice glass of Greek wine.


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