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Island Fish Soup /Psarosoupa

For this traditional soup, the Greeks use a red rockfish which is called ‘Scorpios’ or scorpion. It’s given the name because its fins are poisonous and will cause a painful wound if you get stabbed with them.


 - 5lb. Ocean Perch - fresh or frozen, with the head, tail and fins on. De-scaled, de-gilled, gutted and rinsed. Note that any fish can be used as long as it has firm and non-oily flesh.

1 large onion 2 large peeled potatoes
6 sprigs parsley 1 celery stalk
1 carrot Salt and Pepper
1 cup rice Olive oil
Egg Lemon Sauce

Soup Vegetable Preparation: You will notice that I have not stated how to cut up your veggies. You have a few choices and it depends on how you would like to serve them after the stock is made.

You can quarter the vegetables so that they can be served on the side as an accompaniment with the fish this will also give you a plain fish stock-rice soup.

- Or -

Some cooks will chop their veggies into chunks to boil and then puree them. Adding them back to the soup for a thicker version of fish stock-rice soup.

- Or -

And yet others, myself included, will dice the vegetables into spoon size pieces and leave them in the soup as they are so it’s heartier.

The choice is yours as to your preference.

Cut your fish into large pieces and salt and pepper it. Put it into a soup pot and cover with water. If you are using vegetables that have been quartered and will be served on the side or vegetables that will be pureed, cook them now with the fish. Bring it to a boil and cook for 25-30 minutes.

Strain the broth into another soup pot. Always remember to strain fish from the broth to make sure that there are no stray bones or scales in your soup. Set the fish and veggies aside and keep warm. If you will be pureeing the veggies, carefully remove them from the fish - keeping an eye out for bones. Put them through a blender and mix it back into the broth.

Bring the strained fish broth back to a boil, reserving 2 cups stock for the egg-lemon sauce. If your veggies are set aside with the fish or have been pureed, just add the rice and let it cook in the stock. If you are making the hearty version, add the rice and veggies now so they can cook together. You may have to add more salt and pepper.

Once the rice is done, remove the soup from the heat and set aside. Make the egg lemon sauce and pour into the soup. The soup is ready. Serve the fish on a platter with extra lemon wedges.

Susie's Note: If you would like to serve the soup 'ready', you can pick the fish and return the flesh to the soup instead of serving the fish separate.


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