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Vegetable Entrees

 Aegean Pilaf / Egeou Pilafi
Artichokes with Egg Lemon Sauce / Aginares Avgolemono

Fried Vegetables with Garlic Sauce / Tiganita Skorthalia

Greek Green Beans / Fasolakia Giahnista
Greek Chilli / Revithia

Lenten Spaghetti / Makaronia Nistisima
Lentils with Rice / Fakoriso 
Lentils / Fakes

Lemon Roasted Potatoes / Patates tou Fournou Lemonates   

Okra with Potatoes / Mbamies me Patates

Pasta Imam El Greco / Makaronia Imam

Spinach Rice / Spanakorizo
Spinach and Lentil Soup / Spanaki me Faki
'Sponge' with Lettuce & Onions / Sfouggato me Marouli & Kremidi
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls / Lahano Dolmathes
Stuffed Grape Leaves / Dolmades

Tomato Balls / Tomatokeftedes 
Tomato Roasted Potatoes / Patates tou Fournou Kokinistes   

Thessalonian Peas  / Arakas Thessalias 

Village Omelette / Omeleta Horiatiki

Zucchini Stew / Kolokithakia Giahnista 

Many Greek dishes, you will find, are made up entirely of vegetables, making them a great ethnic choice for vegetarians. In the past, refrigeration was hard to come by, so meat was slaughtered only for special occasions such as Easter or Christmas.

 Nowadays, even with the availability of freezers and refrigerators, the Greeks still don't consume much meat. As a matter of fact, from what I have seen from my friends and co-workers, I would say that they only eat meat 3 or 4 times a week. 

Some of these days may be "fast" days, according to the Greek Orthodox Religion, or quite simply, it's just a preference of taste. So many of the Greek Vegetable dishes are so hearty that they are a whole meal, alone.


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