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Welcome to the newest addition.

Many of our guests have asked questions concerning our Culture, Customs and odd peculiarities in Greek Living that they witnessed while on Holiday. It would seem that some of our traditions tend to baffle the visitors to Greece and I must admit that even I find them to be a bit strange at times.

Perhaps youve seen a Groom trying to step on his Brides foot..or maybe youve noticed a well-dressed Greek man spiting on himself for no apparent reason. Believe it or not, every curious gesture in these Greek customs has its explanation.

Many of these Tales and Superstitions are guarded secrets in the minds of the old village women that still believe in the Old Ways. Ill be compiling them here to share with you so that they dont get lost with time. These beliefs and stories of Greek Folklore are just too interesting, if not amusing to be forgotten by the newer generations.   Enjoy!

Susie Atsaides

If you have a question about a particular Greek custom and would like it explained, or if you would like to add one from your Island or Village, feel free to email me at:

Susie Atsaides


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